Here's what people have to say about our classes...

"I first encountered Michelle - and Svaroopa Yoga - in 2010. At age 54, I had already arranged to have the first to two knee replacements three months hence, and I figured that trying yoga therapy would be a good way to prepare my body for the surgical ordeal ahead. After my very first 1-hour session, I walked out of Michelle's studio (and down a flight of stairs) pain free.After working with Michelle in yoga therapy twice a week for a couple of months, I told my doctor I wanted to cancel surgery - I was walking without pain now, so I felt putting off surgery until I was older would be wise. Michelle is a gifted teacher who really cares about her students. She encourages you to strive for more while at the same time accepting you for who you are (in my case, not her most diligent student). She has tremendous knowledge and skill and draws on all of this in service of her clients. Meeting and working with Michelle has made such a difference in my life. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me."
— Judith

"After at least 6 years of practicing Svaroopa yoga, it has become an integral part of my life. If I am stressed, overloaded or 'out of sorts'... with just a little daily practice, I am able to 'regroup' and find this subtle inner peace. To my absolute joy, I recently heard this low hum echoing through my head, down my arms, through my fingertips after class. It is my ohm, the sound of my soul. There is much we do not understand about how yoga and other forms of complementary 'mindfulness' affects how we live our lives. I only know that this form of yoga has transformed how I respond to the day to day ups and downs, stresses and joys of my own life. To this I am eternally grateful."
— Robin

"At 83 years of age, I had learned to live with the chronic pain in my neck, after a number of yoga embodyment sessions I can move my neck pain free."
— Zelda

"I started with Svaroopa yoga to help increase my flexibility when playing golf. Two years later, I have found not only increased flexibility with my golf swing, but it has enhanced both my physical and emotional well being. It has become part of my daily routine."
— Glenn

"Svaroopa Yoga amazed me with how much it helped me achi eve my rehabilitation goals from two total knee replacements. It has given me such enhanced body awareness that I look forward to continuing the practice."
— Lynda

"Yoga is changing my life faster than anything I have ever done, both emotional and physical. One of the physical changes for me has been the ability to move my head from side to side and actually be able to look over both my shoulders and to look straight up with my neck bent; you see I had not been able to do either since my first back surgery 15 years ago. We are taught in yoga that the practice will strip away layers of old emotions and hurts that we have carried for years and beyond. It really does happen and for me it has meant I am starting to make different choices and many areas of my life."
— Donna

"I have been dealing with knee and hip problems for 20 years. After doing Svaroopa® yoga for only 4 days my pain level was greatly decreased and so I committed to a daily practice for the next 6 months. Long held tensions began to unravel in my body and I could walk without pain. I decided to take this a little deeper and committed to a series of Embodyment® Sessions within a 2 week time period. It was life changing… mentally, physically and spiritually. It has been one year since I have been doing Svaroopa® Yoga and I would highly recommend this to everyone!"
— Charles

“Westborough Yoga has dedicated instructors committed to helping students of all levels achieve the many benefits of yoga. They are particularly skilled at guiding students into each pose and always provide individual assistance as needed. I always leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed!”
— Chrisann

“Svaroopa® yoga class is like a miracle for me. For years I had back and hip pain. After beginning class 5 years ago, I have been 98% pain free.”
— Sue

"After yoga I find myself relaxed, refreshed, peaceful, and ache and pain-free. I'm ready to embrace my weekend openly and fully! Yoga improves my sense of well-being."
— Jody

"I have been in Svaroopa® Yoga class now for about 6 months. I have slowly found myself using yoga in some way everyday and I hope to continue for a long time as I feel the teachings have been very helpful with my mental and physical outlook. There is no pressure, just steady encouragement. In today's world that is wonderful."
— Keitha

“I was hesitant to begin a yoga program due to a shoulder injury. The instructor was so reassuring and helped me to understand the basics of Svaroopa® yoga – support equals release. She provides a nurturing environment in which I feel secure.”
— Priscilla

“The backs of my legs were really hurting but then I had an Embodyment® and I felt great and could walk normally again.”
— Ellen (Age 10)

“Embodyment—a journey that leads to openings, full, easy breathing, calmness and awareness.”
— Gail

“Embodyment gives me the intense awareness of my unconscious holding and allows me to relax, breath and become more present to my self.”
— Lynn

"For years I have tried many different methods to improve my flexibility and posture, embodyment has far surpassed my expectations. It is an incredibly powerful experience."
— Glen

“Embodyment sessions calm my mind and connect my heart to who and what is most important in my life.”
— Sean

“Embodyment gives me a dramatic demonstration of what it feels like to release the stress in my body.”
— Lynda

"I discovered Svaroopa Yoga about 18 months ago and what a blessing. I have suffered with lower back pain for about 15 years and have tried both traditional and many alternative therapies to cure my problem. I have always refused surgery and thought, "why not, I'll give it one more try." Svaroopa has changed my life. My back is so much better and many days I actually live with no pain. That, in and of itself, is miraculous. But, it gets better. I began with individual embodiments for several months, then decided to try a teacher training to deepen my own understanding and practices, which then inspired me to start taking classes. I have found that I have had many emotional revelations for myself, that I am a little quieter and listen better again, and sleep better. I look forward to meditations and am beginning to learn how to achieve self releases. Some mornings I wake up and realize that I am a different person than I was 18 months ago—a little quieter, a lot happier. This is very powerful stuff and I just love it."
— Ruth