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Located in the center of Westborough, our studio is dedicated to a style of yoga called Svaroopa®. Founded by Swami Nirmalananda of Master Yoga Foundation, Svaroopa® Yoga specializes in releasing the layers of tension that run along your spine. With this inner release of tension comes a wide variety of physical benefits including relief from chronic or acute pain, stress reduction and management, increased flexibility and freedom of movement. This style of yoga works with the body in a radically different way than other styles. Using precise alignments, props and gentle hands on adjustments, each class is designed to lead you gently into a new relationship with your body and your mind. Our teachers are committed to working with each student and their individual needs.

Svaroopa® Yoga unravels the deep-seated layers of tension in your body and mind. This inner opening creates healing and personal transformation, and gives you an illuminative experience of your own divine essence, which is the goal of all yoga. Certified Svaroopa® Yoga teachers have over 500 hours of training in Asana, Yoga philosophy and Anatomy with Master Yoga Foundation. See What Students Say to hear our students describe their experiences.

For those of you who want a little more, we also offer Vichara, Yoga Therapy and Embodyment® Therapy. These are private sessions based on the primary principle of Svaroopa® Yoga – Support equals Release.

“Westborough Yoga has dedicated instructors committed to helping students of all levels achieve the many benefits of yoga. They are particularly skilled at guiding students into each pose and always provide individual assistance as needed. I always leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed!”  
— Chrisann

Meditation classes are also offered at the studio in Westborough on a regular basis. Check our Special Events page for more information.

For more information about Svaroopa® Yoga classes just click on the schedule button above. To register for a yoga class you can use the contact information or register with the teacher before a class begins. All yoga classes on the schedule are ongoing and you can join at any time. We also offer gift certificates for all of our services. We accept cash or checks only, no credit cards. Call for more information.


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